Listen to the female creators that Maybe! Is paying attention , interview plan of popular popularity.
A longing adventurer appeared with his favorite BABY-G and talked about past, present and future production activities!

Born in 1994. I am from Tokyo. Height 167 cm. Acted as a model since junior high school students, and in 2014 he was elected as a finalist of Miss iD 2015. At the same time, I participated in Miscon of the university. He acted as a model for underwear brand “Fast” of Hayakawa Gomi Produce, and sprinkled limelight as a Cinderella bust model. Start the own brand “Lilien Room” from the Fall / Winter collection of 2018.

It was a complex that height was high anyway anyway from age. Every girl was a pink rabbit when I wore a face of an animal with kids playing kindergarten, but all my girls were pink rabbits, but because I was only tall, I was made a gray plain (laugh). With that being so, he told my parents, “It is not bad thing that height is high, it is really good for the model.” At that time, I began to have a longing to work as a model.
When I was a junior high / high school student, I felt strongly that “I want to go out anyway!” I was doing the model work while receiving an audition, but since my parents to high school were tightly told that my academic priority was pretty I can not do a lot. I started modeling in earnest since I entered university. It was a turning point that I had an audition of mistake iD sponsored by Kodansha. Until then, I was doing an ordinary CM or advertisement model, but it was an audition I thought I had something to express more than that. I thought that I could express myself by doing a wider range of things. Thanks to that, thinking about the current situation, I decided to challenge by feeding back to myself that I should not do this if it is not this.

This “Lilien Room” setup has pink, but my favorite is green. It is my favorite color. Because I try to use pink somewhere in any coordination, this pink BABY-G has become a fade color. Green and pink are my favorite combinations.