Partnership between Toro Rosso and Casio Edifice celebrating the second season. Like Toro Rosso STR 12’s color ring, which has undergone a big image change, Edited Limited model also renewed the image.
The EQB-501TRC-1AJR has a black tone to allow the Toro Rosso team colors, blue, red and gold to shine, and the bezel has been subjected to special processing of texture that makes the image of the racing parts with oil adhered.
This EQB – 501 TRC is a model that evolved the popular EQB – 500 with a smartphone link function even a step further. By linking with the smartphone application “CASIO WATCH +”, the measurement time up to 1/1000 second is compared with the circuit data to calculate the average hourly speed, etc. We are equipped with more prominent features for racing use.
(The image is Scuderia Toro Rosso’s driver Carlos Sainz (left) and Daniil Kviyat (right).

Black × red impressive EQB-501 TRC

Scoredia · Toro Rosso · Limited Edition 2nd edition with impressive black / red belt using CORDURA ® . Engraved logo on back cover and idle ring. We also prepared special specifications for the package. In terms of functions, automatic time adjustment is possible four times a day anywhere in the world in cooperation with smartphones. Also, you can easily adjust the time with one push operation even when traveling overseas. Cooperation with smartphone and Bluetooth with special application “CASIO WATCH +”. By simply selecting from around 300 cities in the app, it is easy to set the world time displayed on the 9 o’clock in dial, and will support drivers who fight the world.

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