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[Live Photos] ProTrek PRW-60 — Small and Multifunctional

Casio Computer announced “PRW-60” as a new product of the outdoor watch “PRO TREK” on April 18, a combination model of analog and digital face realizing multi-function and miniaturization. It will be on sale from May 18th. PRW-60 is a model that was announced abroad according to “BASELWORLD 2018” held…

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[Video] ProTrek PRW-60 Promotion Movie

A NEW EVOLUTIONARY TREND TOWARD COMPACT OUTDOOR GEAR. Substantial downsizing is achieved while retaining such advanced functions as a fusion of intuitive analogue and functional digital displays, Triple Sensor, and Multi Band 6 radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping. This is authentic gear with improved outdoor practicality that fits in beautifully wherever you…

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