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[Live Photos] Edifice Modest Classic EFR-104

This model is interesting because it does not have any additional functions. Such models are rare for the Edifice line, as time after time the company produces models from chronographs to a staggering clever monsters with a set of characteristics that inspire awe and respect.

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[Live Photos] Edifice EFR-102 With Super Illuminator

With regard to the technical specifications and functionality, there is, of course, not presented a full arsenal of all the achievements of the Japanese manufacturer. But there are moments that can not fail to please: the backlight Super Illuminator (main light from LED sources comes from grades 12 and 6…

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[Live Photos] G-Shock GD-200-1JF RM series

This time, we are new adopted the “glass fiber insert band”. Glass fiber is a lightweight and strong material is used in surfboards and skateboards, etc., tough band was realized with excellent tensile endurance. In addition, robust and lightweight ballistic nylon, consideration to durability to detail using the large screw…

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