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[Live Photos] ProTrek SPF-40 For Sea Travel

SPF-40 is exclusively for marine areas. Indeed, each function is placed, it can be regarded as indispensable in the water. Diving these watches are not designed, but small short immersion able to withstand. Built yacht timer – a very handy thing to regattas, as shall notify the temporary preparation for…

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[Live Photos] ProTrek grey SPF-60D-7A

SPF-60 are functional. Perhaps the only clock can boast the presence of the depth and at the same time altimeter, having in addition a barometer and a thermometer, and a host of other useful features. depth gauge function extended journal entry control points of the immersion. Water resistance – 10…

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[Live Photos] ProTrek Perfect SPF-60

SPF-60 are  perfect. The watch design unconditional changes indifference to enthusiasm, digital-to-analog module looker “rising” from the display arrow. Bezel is not only visually harmonious with respect to the clock, but it is functional, since it is an important assistant diver at depth, working in tandem with the analog time.

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