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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGA-131-7B Close Look

Baby-G BGA131-7B  is trendy being all white, and has a cool “pop-up” dial with a seriously cool type of illumination. The watch also comes in all black as well (ref. BGA131-1B). The “resin” (plastic) case is 39mm wide and has a strap that is integrated with the case. At 39mm…

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[Live Photos] G-SHOCK X CLUBPOPP GA-110GW-7A

Clubpopp is Peera Sukarsa, a graphic artist known internationally for his album covers and concert and party posters. His inspiration comes from his hometown of Phuket with the Andaman sea and beaches playing a large role. Clubpopp uses a white G-Shock GA-110GW-7A watch.

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