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[Live Photos] Oceanus OCW-T3000C 15th Anniversary model

An anniversary model commemorating the 15th anniversary of OCEANUS will appear from the simple and sporty OCWT3000 equipped with Bluetooth® with the brand concept of “Elegance, Technology” and sporty design. With the theme of the passage of time, the bezel adopts a newly developed gradation IP * 1 that changes…

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[Live Photos] Oceanus OCW-G2000SB-2A x Space brothers collaboration

OCEANUS, which has evolved with an adventurous spirit that isnot trapped by the common sense of watchmaking, and a special 700-world limited edition that resonates with the spirit of “Space Brothers” author Koyama-sensei,who resonates with the insatiable pursuit of making things Collaboration model. In order to express the beautiful earth,…

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[Live SPhotos] The world’s thinnest Oceanus Manta OCW-S5000

OCEANUS Manta’s latest work “OCW-S5000” series announced at BASELWORLD 2019 has finally been released. Having appeared this time, “OCW-S5000” of design inherit the royal road of Manta, bezel and closeout, decorated with accent color to dialing “OCW-S5000E”, and to commemorate the OCEANUS 15 years “OCW-S5000C” of It is three models.…

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