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[Live SPhotos] The world’s thinnest Oceanus Manta OCW-S5000

OCEANUS Manta’s latest work “OCW-S5000” series announced at BASELWORLD 2019 has finally been released. Having appeared this time, “OCW-S5000” of design inherit the royal road of Manta, bezel and closeout, decorated with accent color to dialing “OCW-S5000E”, and to commemorate the OCEANUS 15 years “OCW-S5000C” of It is three models.…

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[Live Photos] Oceanus Manta OCW-S5000 and New Design

New Manta ” OCW-S5000 ” will be released tomorrow on June 7th”. Over two times at BLUE MOTIONS, this “OCW-S5000” is featured. Last time Vol.1Introduced the advanced technology that realized the thinning, but this time the developer talks about the fine finish, thin beautiful form, and elegant design that are…

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