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[Live Photos] Edifice EFR-545 Power-Saving Timepiece

The new Edifice EFR-545 series is an outstanding power-saving timepiece, constructed with the eco-friendly Tough Solar technology. The solar battery-powered timepieces have charging capabilities in low or fluorescent lighting, eliminating the hassle of needing a new watch battery. The EFR-545 model features a sleek design, an analogue dial with date display tachymeter for…

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[Live Photos] Edifice EFR545SB-7BV Tough Solar

The new EFR545 series of timepieces are powered Casio’s Tough Solar technology. These eco-friendly solar battery-powered timepieces can be charged even in low or fluorescent light, eliminating the need for continuous battery changes. In addition, the EFR545 series of watches come equipped with a 1/5th second chronograph, tachymeter, 12/24 hour…

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[Live Photos] Edifice EFR-501 with Sport Car Style

Adhering to the sporty, the new chronograph EFR-501 displays various types of information only with the arrow keys, which perform a variety of advanced features, including an alarm clock, and different types of stopwatches. Readability hours at this remained at a very high level that is acceptable especially if you…

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