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[Official] Edifice ETD-310 with 3D CURVED DIAL

DUAL DIAL WORLD TIME & 3D CURVED DIAL Visibility of the time display has been stressed in development of the 3D dial with its curved formation. A world map laid out in an inset dial brings the World Time theme to the fore. FEATURES Curved 3D Dial The dial employs…

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[Official] Edifice ETD-300 with 3D WORLD MAP DIAL

DUAL DIAL WORLD TIME & 3D WORLD MAP DIAL The dial incorporates a map of the world created with 3D moulding. Dual Dial World Time is presented using leading-edge microfabrication technologies. FEATURES World Map Dial A decorative map of the world is laid out over the full dial in a design…

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[Live Photos] Edifice EQW-T620L with Leather Band

Based on the “EQB-T620” of the radio wave solar model, changing the big flavor to retrofit the metal band to the leather band (calf strap) “EQW-T620L” appeared. Traditional fashion to also easy to match fine atmosphere is eye-catching. Tough Solar and radio clock multi-band 6, daylight saving time automatic setting…

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