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[Live Photos] Baby-G BA-110PP-7A2 Punching Pattern Series

Introduction new colors for the popular BA-110 Punching Pattern Series. These models feature sporty colors like those used for fashionable sneakers and other sportswear. Black and neon green, neon green and light blue, and white and salmon pink all add up to a cool and stylish lineup. The band is…

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[Live Photos] Baby-G Vol.14 Manga artist illustrator Natsuko Taniguchi

Natsuko Taniguchi Introduction Born in 1988. I am from Kanagawa prefecture. Activities in the Web, information magazines, comic magazines, etc. “I am not unhappy at all! (Published by Enterbrain), “Sayonara, 438 days from lever stabbing to prohibition” (published by Takeshobo) “Life mountains are Taniguchi” (Lied company Torch Comics) is on…

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