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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGS-100RT-2A and Japanese sweets

In February, a new colorway in the BGS-100 Series was released. Inspired by traditional Japanese sweets known as ‘Wagashi’, the BGS-100 taken in the form of delicate approach, semi-matte palettes accented with beautiful pastels. The delectable, beautiful BGS-100 is a painted collaboration with “Ajisai”.

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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGS-100RT-1A with PUNTO IT Design

Under the supervision of Italian design company “PUNTO IT DESIGN”, express the active sports scene of spring by design. PUNTO IT DESIGN is a Japanese designer unit living in Milan, Italy, consisting of Yoshinori Kawashiro and Ichiko Inoue. We constantly consciously harmonize the harmony between the two contradictory tastes, with…

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