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[Live Photos] Baby-G MSG-S200G-1A and Mizuki Haruta

Mizuki Haruta is a brand producer and model currently living in Korea. She became interested in K-Pop while at high school, and learned Korean by herself. After spending six month studying in Korea, she eventually moved there in 2015. Mizuki also works as an interpreter and translator for Korean artists…

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[Live Photos] Baby-G BGD-560 x Jocomomola Collaboration

The Casio Computer’s watch anti-shock watch “BABY-G” for women will be 25th anniversary of release in 2019. This time, a collaboration model with Itokin ‘s fashion brand “Jocomomola (Hokomorimora)” that will also come back on its 25th anniversary appears. On January 25 release, the price is 14,800 yen (excluding tax).…

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