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Battery for ProTrek PRW-3500 Watch / CTL1616

Casio Watch Line: PRW-7000 Battery type: CTL1616 Battery price: 9$ [Free International Shipping] Original Battery for: ProTrek PRW-3500 Watch Compatiable with models: PRG-240, PRG-260, PRG-270, PRG-550, PRW-1500, PRW-2000, PRW-2500, PRW-3000, PRW-5000, PRW-5100, PAG-240, PAG-80, PAW-1100, PAW-1200, PAW-1300, PAW-1500, PAW-2000, PRG-40, PRW-2000T, PRW-6000, PRX-2000, PRX-7000, SPF-60, SPW-1000, PRW-7000, PRG-600, PRW-6100, PRG-650, PRG-300,…

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How to set time on ProTrek PRW-3500 / Casio 3414

1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down E for at least two seconds. First, SET Hold will fl ash on the display, and CITY will be displayed in the upper display. After that, the currently selected city code and city name will scroll across the upper display. Keep E depressed until the scrolling starts.…

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