For two people Shibuya is a place full of memories. I naturally chose this town for meeting Xmas. Winter lovers go and go happily in the shopping area of ​​Shibuya gently wrapped in glittering illumination. While waiting for him who did not show up at the appointed time, memories came across my mind. When I thought, there were various things. There were lots of fun things, but there were also many nights when I thought it was useless. But … everything is over now with the bond of love of two people. From now on let’s promise to “Eternal love not to be destroyed” like two strong G-Shocks. On this holy night. The starring acts as young actor “Yoshizawa Ryo” and “Takashi Tina” who are active in drama and movies. In addition, it is a movie that felt freshly fond memorized by the viewer who used “Christmas Eve” of Tatsuro Terushita familiar as original Christmas song to the music, reminiscent of the CM of the past year.