Mr. Masaru Masayoshi Casio Computer Design Development Department

– What kind of place did you care about designing G-STEEL?

Seihayashi Mr. “MR-G and MT-G is, if there is a first-determined structure, and design according to the basically the structure .MASTER OF G also has assumed field and scenes, the design from its image However, G-STEEL was a wide series of supporting skills that I want people to wear, so it was hard to find “design of the design” for G-STEEL.

Although it was also in Saito’s story, G-STEEL has a different standing position from MR-G and MT-G, so it must be visible from the design as well. However, if you incorporate images such as aviation and ocean like MASTER OF G into the design source, you will get a sense of “clock with a specific purpose” at once. In order not to do so, we just pursued “basic metal watch” as well as a design that seems to be G-SHOCK.

It was reconfirmed that it is difficult to design things that do not have a specific purpose or that do not point to anyone else. In such a hint it became a hit by the basic model GA – 110. While designing not to feel specific use scenes, there are personality like G-SHOCK and presence as a standard.

After noticing this, I gathered in a refreshing direction. As a result it is feeling like returning to the origin, whether it is a reversal. Anyway, the time spent on the design was quite long. Even though it is so simple (laugh)

Fine resin that strengthens the rigidity of resin bezel is effective even as a fade color

– You do not need the model of the resin case “texture of metal watch” is also necessary.

Seihayashi said is “Yes. For example, you can try to form, such as carved wildly the bezel ring, to highlight a sharp edge, such as cut and sputtering. This is a strong image of the G-SHOCK I think that you can communicate.

Fine resin combined with resin bezel functions as a color difference as a cushioning material

Although it is different from MT – G, as it is a metal watch, we need to pay attention to finishing as well. Therefore, in order to make a point of view such as a hairline and a mirror surface, we are consciously making a “face” on the case”

Mr. Saito , “the metal watch, the step but it is essential that the cutting and polishing, it Speaking of big and relationship .G-SHOCK to the shape of the parts, a multi of the irregularities, such as bumpers and buttons guard but it is impressive.

Metal bezel combines with urethane ring to realize shock resist

However, if there are a lot of large irregularities, there are inconveniences that blades and file do not enter, which is difficult. So in Masayoshi, we requested that you make it look like G – SHOCK properly while treating the value sense of metal.

The state with the bezel attached. Black line under the bezel is urethane ring

Seihayashi In “G-STEEL, has solved this problem from both sides of the design and design. For example, other than essential part in, such as a button guard as much as possible to reduce the unevenness, while taking into account the put-friendliness of the finish of the metal , Bezel, expressing the powerfulness like G – SHOCK by emphasizing the thickness and presence of each material, combining different materials, engagement, and each material.

The bezel is separate from the case and is screwed. The bezel has a metal model (GST – W 110) and a resin model (GST – W 100), but the metal bezel has a buffering effect by pinching a urethane ring between them, and the resin bezel is a hard fin resin ring Combined with the rigidity of the combination is installed.

Keep the impact resistance structure of G equal even for combinations of different materials. This is the new layer guard structure of G – STEEL. Materials with the necessary strength are stacked in necessary places. It is much simpler to make than the conventional structure.

Thanks to that, the design freedom of the case and bezel has increased considerably. Since the resin bezel’s fine resin ring can also be seen from the front, a wide range of colors can be expected as a color difference. ”

Mr. Saito, “Thanks to this new layer guard structure, G-SHOCK close to an ordinary clock is true and began to finally make. In terms of metal twisted, G-STEEL is certainly close to the MT-G Moye I will”

As we break down GST-W 110-1A

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