The theme of the song “a story from that” that was collaborated with MV this time is actually “strengthening”. When I am in love, I feel like I suddenly become weaked myself, and I think that “I should not have been such a thing!” It is a song that I want to overcome myself. So if you listen to me is encouraged by this song I’m happy, I wonder if it ‘s interesting that “this guy is strong,” (laugh).
One of the highlights of MV is fashion. I myself love cute but slightly edgy worldview. The style of the bossabosa of this time is also cute with habit and there is a nice meaning in both the unusual style of blue and pink and the dress style. I always wanted to wear such a taste fashion, so it was awesome to try it this time finally! I, friends say “It is strong and masculine” (laugh), I love girly things. BABY – G, I want to keep my cuteness, but it is a watch that fulfills my wish to be strong and tough. I think that it matches the theme of this song very much in the meaning of an item that draws out Girls Power. Also, Maybe! Is a magazine where many powerful and lovely girls appear. I felt that triple collaboration was possible with this song because there was something in common with it.

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