Do you know that when the size of an animal is different, the speed of time differs? People who have kept pets will probably be realizing the speed of growth and the short life of dogs and cats. In this way, there are units of different time depending on the size of each body, elephant time in elephants, dog time in dogs, cat time in cats, rats in rats and rats’ time , This time we will tell you “biology of elephant time mouse size”.

It is well known that elephants live longer than rats, but research shows that time increases as weight increases. When expressing difficult, it is said that time is proportional to the ¼ power of the body weight, and the calculation that doubles the time when weight becomes 16 times is calculated. For example, if a person of 50 kg is used as a standard, 800 kg of a huge Nile crocodile that keeps 16 times the weight is living with twice the time sense as a human being. Certainly, the movement of a Nile crocodile other than when capturing the prey is very calm and there is not much movement image.

Also, if the lifespan is divided by the beating time of the heart, in the mammal, regardless of the size of the animal, the heart will be calculated two billion times in the lifetime. As measured by physical time, elephants live longer than rats, but considering the heart beat as time, the elephants, the rats, and the human beings, the sense of surviving their lives may not change , The author says.

At the same time, we humans think about the second hand of the clock moving with time and act as common sense, but knowing that we are also human beings and time is various This book makes me realize that it is very important for coexisting on the earth. If you learn biological time, how to contact with familiar animals will change as well.