The more you hone your spirit, the greater the richness of your life. Mr. Arnold Bennett is preaching in his book that the most important thing when laying the spirit is effort. On the other hand I think that I want to accomplish, on the other hand I do not want to do, the conflict in my heart is important. Certainly, what you gained by working very hard is easy to memorize in your life, and it even leads you to feel like you grew up.

Reading that gives wisdom and richness of mind is the best way to hone our spirit. Among them, when reading an imaginative poetry, use most consciously in every literature. Through reading, thinking carefully, and reading it, it is your own source.

Poems, which are short sentences from selected words, show infinite spread to the small world. As chewing, it is also attractive to feel and feel in different ways by tasting one letter one character. Try reading out aloud, or write down a favorite passage in a notebook, or you want to read it twice or three times in a way you want to wish.

Why do not you read the poems familiar with your childhood, such as Kenji Miyazawa and Mizusu Kaneko, once you become an adult, please read it again. The phrases that will remain in my heart will surely be your support in my saving of my life.