Toshinari Namiki is a professional angler who is active both domestically and internationally and is also a PRO TREK ambassador. Along with his lure brand OSP name, “OSP T.NAMIKI limited model” that carved Mr. Namiki’s commitment and belief in fishing appeared.

The bus fishing best tournament to be held in the United States “Bus Master Classic” It is the first Japanese contestant and Mr. Namiki who is participating in the American tournament for the first time in ten years. This time, adopted the PRW-7000 series has been developed incorporating the needs in his fishing scene in the base model  .
I made the case · dial for black, the second hand and the in dial for red, we applied Mr. Namiki’s concept color to the entire watch face. In addition, light gray was adopted as a band, and it made it a calm design that also faces the daily use as well as the fishing scene. “Bass or Die” which is Mr. Namiki’s belief in the position at 6 o’clock band, and OSP logo on idle ring. In addition to the case back, “Toshi Namiki” “Osprey Spiritual Performer” engraved. Designs that symbolized Mr. Namiki and OSP were given everywhere.
Fishing time function to notify direction, altitude and barometric pressure by triple sensor, alarm at fishing time, and tide graph which is effective for phishing in the area affected by the tide level. In addition, it is the emergence of the limited model which names the professional angler from the PRW – 7000 series equipped with the function as a full – scale outdoor gear, such as 20 ATM water resistant to withstand violent activities at the waterside.