Casio Computer Co., Ltd. April 2, as a new product of the outdoor watch “PRO TREK” (pro-Trek), announced the analog face and a digital display of the combination model “PRW-7000”. Is scheduled to launch in July, excluding tax price is 82,000 yen.

PRW-7000 is equipped with a “Triple Sensor Ver.3” as built-in sensor, the azimuth, altitude and atmospheric pressure, can measure temperature with high accuracy. Fresh evolved into azimuth meter correcting the horizontal direction automatically, without the horizontally PRW-7000 attached to the arm, the orientation becomes measurable with 1 degree increments.

The 6 o’clock to 4 o’clock position, place the dial-of retrograde. Tide graph, pressure difference, to display an easy-to-understand altitude difference. Needle of retrograde it takes a large force when returning to the base, but in PRW-7000, was realized by the adoption of power-saving and powerful dual-coil motor.

Face, ensures a high visibility in the three-dimensional index and high-contrast design. In pairing memory function to record the direction of the target point it is, indicates the direction in which large needle of dial-progresses, the second hand by pointing to the north, to navigate the correct route. Further, the pressure 20 and waterproof, equipped with a function that indicates the time period appropriate for fishing (fishing). So far of PRO TREK’s outdoor watch that has been focused on “climbing,” but, PRW-7000 is supposed be used in the waterside such as fishing and kayaking.