In addition to compatibility between high-spec features and compact size, the PRW-60 employs new ideas that were not found in the conventional PRO TREK series on the design side. That is a “carabiner attachment” (included with PRW – 60 YAE – 1AJR).

In order to remove the band of the wrist watch, usually a special tool is required, but the PRW – 60 can easily detach the band by just operating the lever of the band attachment root. If you remove the band for the wristwatch and replace it with a carabiner attachment, you will be able to attach the PRW – 60 to a place other than the arm such as the backpack or the climbing harness.

Ushiyama “When you use both hands in climbing, when you attach overgrove in winter mountain, if there is a clock on your wrist, movement will be hindered or dials will be difficult to see.Therefore, backpack shoulder straps and climbing harness I often see people wearing a watch on Gear Rack’s gear, but it’s a dedicated attachment for those people. ”