The starting point of climbing is Koryo station of the Seibu Ikebukuro line. Since the signboard showing the altitude was hanging at the entrance of the station, it was advanced correction at once. Set to “108 m”. “SMART ACCESS” which performs correction operation by turning the electronic crown switch on the side of the PRW – 60 is a function common to analog type models released in recent years such as PRW – 6100 and PRX – 8000.

I walked from the station for about 20 minutes and arrived at the climbing mouth of Mt. A gentle mountain road continues for a while from the climbing mouth, and the branch of Masaka and Wakasaka appears soon. As you move to Misaka area, a steep rocky spot comes out in places.

Mr. Ushiyama seems familiar and uses both hands and climbs very quickly, but the novice triplets that follow are a bit somewhat getting on a big step and so on. Eventually we went through the forest zone and went out to the hidden point of view where the Golden Sword Compass Shrine was built.

I will take a break near the torii and enjoy the view. I could look down at the Koryo station and the drawstrings under my eyes. By the way, “Drawstring field” is said to have been named because the plain part surrounded by the Tanri River which meandered heavily was forming a purse-style. In fact, looking at it from here, I can see that shape well.