Casio Computer announced “PRW-60” as a new product of the outdoor watch “PRO TREK” on April 18, a combination model of analog and digital face realizing multi-function and miniaturization. It will be on sale from May 18th.

PRW-60 is a model that was announced abroad according to “BASELWORLD 2018” held in Basel, Switzerland in March 2018 . Initially, the Japanese launch was undecided, but this time it was officially announced. The lineup (3 models) and the tax-specific price are 52,000 yen for navy and white, and 54,000 yen for black with IP treatment on the bezel.

Functionally, it is based on PRW – 6100. Triple sensor Ver.3 is carried, it is possible to measure direction, pressure, altitude and temperature. While having such multifunctionality, we achieved a bold miniaturization, which is a major feature.

Adoption of the new structure “CROSS FRAME STRUCTURE”, spring inside the crown, review of the sensor position etc. realized miniaturization of the case size to -7.5 mm in the vertical direction and -4.4 mm in the horizontal direction. Due to the small size that does not disturb the movement of the wrist, it is set to be easy to wear for women and full-fledged climbers.

Hour minute hand and index adopt special fluorescent ink and phosphorescent paint. It has a neon illuminator that glows in response to ultraviolet LEDs arranged at the 6 o’clock position of the face and is easy to see even in the dark. The index heightened the texture by metallic mirror evaporation. Also, the slide lever type band is easily detachable.