Based on the PRW-60, which is significantly smaller due to the integration of the back cover and the can foot connecting the case and the band, we have thoroughly pursued visibility. The hour and minute hands adopt a design with excellent visibility. The combination of a matte dial with reduced glare and an Arabic index with luminous paint embedded in the recesses achieves high visibility despite the thin needle silhouette.
In pursuit of the design as a gear, the bezel’s outer periphery is engraved with a bold notch to create a mechanic feeling, engraving the wild side of the outdoors.
The PRW-50Y is a model with a standard face black and a classic ivory dial with enhanced wearability using a Durasoft band that is also resistant to low temperatures.
In terms of functions, it is equipped with a triple sensor Ver.3 that realizes azimuth, barometric pressure / temperature, and altitude measurement with high-precision sensor technology. In addition to the tough solar that changes light into power and stably drives various functions, it has a multiband 6 that automatically adjusts the time according to the standard radio waves of 6 stations around the world, and is active in a wide range of scenes from outdoor scenes to everyday use.
Returning to the origin of the analog model, we prioritized the visibility, which is the original purpose of the watch, and finished it in a solid and sturdier manner with regard to modeling, color and texture. In pursuit of usability to be a genuine tool, it is the emergence of a New model that emits a presence from outdoor to a wide range of scenes.