Within its new Adventure line, Casio incorporates two very interesting ana-digi variants. This is the PRW-50, models that offer Triple Sensor, with bezel for time zones and tremendously clear front, very easy to see. Casio has thought of sports such as climbing and, therefore, has made them more compact (50.5 x 47.2 x 13.3) than models with which they compete, such as the PRW-6100 and the like. There will be variants both positive and inverted, although initially two will arrive in the European market, one with soft silicone strap Dura Shoft (PRW-50Y-1AER), with quick belt change system, which will be priced at € 429. The other is the variant so traditional in Casio, with titanium armis – all boxes are made of resin, in any case – which is called PRW-50T-7AER, and will have a price of € 549.