From the “PRO TREK (Proto Rec)” which continues the advanced technology and design evolution, from the “Climber Line (climer line)” which pursues downsizing and operability by significant downsizing, the index of arabic to the popular PRW-60 The PRW-50 series, which designed

Visibility was thoroughly pursued based on the PRW-60, which achieved a significant reduction in size by the integration of the can foot and back cover that connects the case and the band. We adopt design with superior visibility for both hour and minute hands. The combination of a matte dial with reduced glaring and an arabic index embedded with phosphorescent paint in the recess achieves high visibility while being a slender needle silhouette.
In pursuit of the design as a gear, I made a thick step to produce a feeling of mechanic on the bezel outer periphery and incised a wild side of the outdoors.
This time, lineup of 4 models including band variation.
The PRW-50Y is a standard face black and a classic ivory dial with enhanced wearability using the Dura soft band, which is also excellent for low temperatures.
In addition, in terms of functions, it is equipped with triple sensor Ver. 3 that realizes azimuth, pressure, temperature, and altitude measurement with highly accurate sensor technology. In addition to tough solar power to change the light to stable drive various functions, equipped with multi-band 6 that automatically corrects the time in response to the standard radio waves of six stations in the world, active in a wide range of scenes from outdoor scenes to everyday use.
Returning to the origin of the analog model, priority was given to the original purpose of the watch’s original visibility, and it was finished with quality, robustness, and even shape, color and texture. Pursuing usability for being a real tool, it is the appearance of the New model that gives the presence from outdoor to a wide range of scenes.