For those who enjoy climbing and trekking, an outdoor watch that can measure azimuth, barometric pressure, altitude, etc. is a must-have tool. It is also a longing item for beginners who sometimes enjoy light mountain walks. However, a product with too many functions seems difficult to use, and beginners tend to feel high hurdles. Isn’t there a product that you can use casually and take an active part in walking and daily activities?

Let’s review the main features of the product before going out to climb.

The first is “quad sensor”. The PRO TREK series has been equipped with a triple sensor for azimuth, barometric pressure / altitude, and temperature measurement, but this product is also equipped with a new pedometer.

Another feature is the smartphone link function. This means that the watch itself and the dedicated smartphone app “PRO TREK Connected” can be linked via Bluetooth.

With these functions, it is now possible to record precise route logs based on the altitude measured by the watch and the route acquired by the smartphone’s GPS. In addition, the direction and distance to an arbitrary point can be displayed on the clock.

In addition, calorie consumption can be calculated based on the altitude and the number of steps taken into account. Not to mention trekking, it seems to be very useful for everyday jogging and walking.

In order to actually link the PRT-B50 with a smartphone, a little preparation is required first. However, you can simply pair according to the content displayed on the screen when the dedicated app is launched for the first time (pairing is only necessary for the first time and not for the second and subsequent times).

After confirming that the pairing was successful, first try the route log function. The procedure is very simple. After confirming that the watch is in time mode or altitude measurement mode (if not, press the button on the lower left for 2 seconds or more to enter time mode), then press and hold the button on the lower right for 5 seconds or more If you start to flash the word “LOG”, release your finger. After a while, the display changes to “LOG ON” and the root log function is enabled.

Turning on the route log feature keeps track of altitude and route until you turn it off or until 12 hours have passed. If you look at the app, you should see “Measuring” displayed under “ROUTE LOG” on the home screen.

After confirming that the function is turned on, I will start climbing Mt. Takao on foot. By the way, Mt. Takao is divided into No. 1 and No. 6 near Kiyotaki Station, the starting point of the cable car lift, but according to the staff of the tourist information center there was a fallen tree due to the influence of typhoon No. 6 The road is closed. Therefore, this time, I gave up the 6th road for advanced players and decided to go on the 1st road of the classic course.