Triple Sensor Ver.3 From “PRO TREK, it is the emergence of a new model based on the concept of night safari.

Lineup of 3 models with color design based on concept of night outdoor scene.
Both models adopt a white index on the black dial and ensuring visibility while being calm design.
In addition, PRG – 650Y adopted Dura soft band using silicone material improved durability. By making the back side a luminescent specification, it glows faintly at nighttime activity.
We also applied IP processing to the bezel. On the functional side, Neon Illuminator is adopted for both models. Along with the LED light of the liquid crystal section, you can easily check the time and various functional modes even during night activities.
Other basic functions include a triple sensor capable of measuring direction, altitude / pressure, temperature, a direct measurement button that can be measured with one push, tough solar and so on. We improved the mountability by making the lug part movable.
It is the appearance of a new model equipped with functions and designs that are active at night outdoor.

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