From PRO TREK with Triple Sensor Ver. 3, a new work featuring Knight Safari as a concept appeared. Three models with color design on the concept of night outdoor scene are prepared.

First of all, it is a characteristic index. Even numbered Arabic, which is arranged sparingly, is rare, mainly with bar indexes. Also pay attention to the large screw-lock type electronic crown at 3 o’clock position. Smart access is carried, and it is possible to perform time adjustment intuitively and comfortably even in outdoor. Movement is tough solar, radio controlled watch is not installed. STN liquid crystal with high visibility is adopted as liquid crystal. It is low temperature resistant specification at -10 ° C.

Dura soft band made of soft silicone has a switch at the base, you can detach it just by sliding it at the tip of the nail. Since special tools such as spring bar removal are unnecessary, cleaning is possible immediately even if it is dirty with sweat or mud. Easy maintenance in outdoor.

Let’s see the features of each model. PRG-650YBE-3 adopted a bezel with black IP treatment. Along with Dura Soft Band as a replacement band, along with a camouflage pattern cross band suitable for the safari concept. You can feel free to change it according to the mood, fashion, weather condition etc. The price is 51,000 yen.

The Dura soft band of uses light storing material on the back of the band and emits faint light in the dark. It is convenient to find a watch without using a flashlight in the midnight or early morning tent.


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