Basel, March 7, 2012 – Casio Computer Co., Ltd officially announces Output Model Pro Trek PRG-550 – addition to its line of Casio watches tourism. The new model has a function display indicators compass, barometric pressure (altitude above sea level) and temperature. The combination of the second hand and LCD display make the Pro Trek PRG-550 watches easy to use all the functions of hours, which, as you may have guessed, is not enough.
Series PROTREK hours for active tourism combines the advanced technology of the company Casio in the past decade, and every year the accuracy of such figures becomes an order of magnitude more accurate. That is why the clock PROTREK are popular not only in the environment of the climbers, but also people who are addicted to conventional tourism.

New watches PRG-550 – is PROTREK analog model with three hands and LCD. We all remember the sensational novelty with a fully analogue display called PROTREK PRX-7000T, but it is worth noting that the presence of the LCD display in many ways easier to use all the advanced features hours. We are pleased that Casio makes a choice to its customers and produces two different models almost simultaneously.

Triple sensor, as always, performs typical for the functions: compass, barometric pressure and temperature. Any data read by the close relationship of the second hand and LCD window. At the time when the LCD displays only digital information, second arrow pointing to north, displays the latest changes in the atmospheric pressure, or altitude changes to show a certain point. All this will only work when you activate the desired function. It is worth noting that the developers seriously took up the “usability” of multifunctional Protrek hours, that with each access to the world, becoming smarter and smarter.

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