From the “PRO TREK” pursuing functionality and operability that is active in outdoor scenes with Triple Sensor Ver. 3 * 1, from the mountains to the sea, we will investigate, protect and utilize nature across Japan A collaboration model with the Japan Nature Conservation Association * 2 that is continuing has appeared.

For over sixty years since its establishment, the Japan Nature Conservation Society has been aiming to preserve irreplaceable nature and biodiversity. This time, the Japan Nature Conservation Society set as Minakami town in Gunma Prefecture “Akatani no Mori” and Miyagi prefecture Minami Sanriku-cho as a motif, the ebony eagle carrying out conservation activities, as a triple sensor to sense changes in natural phenomena, as an outdoor gear Collaboration with Pro Trek which continues to evolve has been realized.
The base model adopts New Digital model PRG-330 which is driven by solar power and equipped with triple sensor. I imagined the eagle, adopted Brown’s coloring as a band, and the bezel is finished in gold. Also, in the upper case, lower part, left cover of the case designed as an accent which imaged the three white spots appearing on the feathers at the time of young birds. In the band, we printed the logo “Inuwashi Vision” that used the eagle as an indicator of forest making. Illustrated an eagle eagle protection activity * 3 motif design * 3, etc, including illustrations emerging when the lights are lit and back engraved eagle eagles.
It is the emergence of a collaboration model between Japan Nature Conservation Society that people are surrounded by beautiful and rich nature and aiming for a society that can live with a smile and full-scale outdoor gear ProTrek evolving for people who love nature.