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ProTrek 2019 — New Arrivals Only — Monthly Update  

A summary of the latest receipts from the world of watch products of outdoor brand ProTrek. Here you will not find detailed descriptions, reviews, etc. – Only ProTrek watches that officially went on sale [on a specific month]. If the series turned out to be colorful, we describe it in a separate publication on the blog and give a link to the text. New items may be in the global sale, and only in Japan. This is not always a new case, new color styles, other types of straps, etc. also get into the updates.

May 2019


So ProTreks become even lighter and more durable, but this moment can not be called key, because the main highlight – it’s still a great style. The limit [limited edition] always has its quirks … The PRW-7000X-1 still has a unique form [in the form of a spiral] of a crown, an abundance of luxurious gold color and more distinct hour marks, which also look quite contrast against the black background of the dial.


March 2019

PRG-600YB-2, PRG-650YL-2 и PRW-6600Y-2

Let’s go back to the arrows. At least it’s beautiful. There are two types of watch consumers: only fans of analog time display and only fans of digital. And, you know, both flank have the right to their preference, since the watch looks completely different and performs other functions. Arrows – less opportunity, numbers – more.



The PRG-330 is a very reliable tool that performs its functions 100%. Believe me, for electronics 100% is very high. Clearly, a 100% very loud and subjective statement [as such is], however, my experience with the older version confirms this. Well, for example, the clock has lain for six months in a closed bedside table and I already scored on them, to put it mildly. As suddenly a timer was needed – I took it out, and the clock quickly woke up and confidently showed the charge level H [High]. It feels like nothing happened!


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