A summary of the latest arrivals from the watchmaking world of the shock-resistant ProTrek brand. Here you will not find the detailed descriptions, reviews, etc. — only ProTrek watches, which officially went on sale [in a certain month]. If the series are turned colorful, we describe it in a separate publication on the blog and give a link to the text. Novelties can be both in global sales, and only in Japan. This is not always a new case, new color styles, other types of straps, etc., also fall into the update.

June 2018


This model adopts a carabiner attachment for replacement. By replacing it as an exchanging part for wearing to a place other than the arm such as zack and harness, it is possible to check the time and altitude without disturbing the movement in the activities using both hands such as climbing. The base model PRW – 60 adopts a new structure “CROSS FRAME STRUCTURE” realizing miniaturization of the spring in the crown, integration of the can and back cover connecting the case and the band. Outdoor such as climbing and climbing while mounting triple sensor, multiband 6, tough solar, 10 ATM water resistant, realizing miniaturization of case minus 7.5 mm, lateral minus 4.4 mm (when comparing PRW – 6100 Y) I made it a small design that does not disturb the movement of the wrist in the scene. The watch face adopts index which raised the texture of metal with metal finish finish. Also, we have processed the luminous processing until the hour and minute hand, the minute, ensuring high visibility that can withstand use at night. A new model adopting the carabiner attachment which demonstrates its practicality in the use under harsh environments to the ProTrek radio solar model PRW-60 which fulfilled the downsizing is the appearance of a new model.



March 2018



Small is beautiful! The Pro-Trek PRG-330 packs Casio’s classic Triple Sensor technology into a compact user friendly design. Powered by light, reliable operation of the digital compass, thermometer and barometer is assured. Ideal for life in the great outdoors.