In 1981 began the project of engineer Kiko Ibe to create an indestructible watch. He then set up the team “Project Team Touch” in order to develop his project and 2 years later after nearly 200 prototypes G-SHOCK was born.
He has managed to create state-of-the-art watches that can withstand gravity, freezing temperatures, high pressure and magnetic fields.

At the beginning of May the brand launched a new campaign “never give up” to highlight its iconic square box.
The brand chose three young talents to embody this campaign: Prince Waly , Victoria Dauberville and Quentin Dubeau . Through their backgrounds, their work ethic and their state of mind, they perfectly represent the spirit of the brand.
The brand highlights three strong urban culture universes: hip-hop with Prince Waly , dance with Victoria Dauberville and skateboarding with Quentin Dubeau .

Prince Waly , the rapper from Montreuil is known for his work and his singular flow. In 2018, he released a first EP in Solo “Boyz” . It does not influence only in the music as this campaign shows it can also extend to the fashion world. He presents for this campaign the GW-B5600 which runs on solar energy and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.