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[Live Photos] Oceanus OCW-T3000-2A — Control the on and off time and live simply

Your own time. So what do you imagine?
I enjoy my hobbies and go out on a trip. However, due to changes in various environments such as employment and marriage, it is certain that it has become more difficult each year to have the “only time” that was customary in the past. My hobbies that I have been holding down have stopped for some time, and there are many people who have continued to have no hobbies for a long time. Faced with something that should always be confronted, and we spend a rush of days, it’s hard to move into action, even though we know that switching on and off is important. Of course it is important to rest your body, but how should you spend the time and holidays you have been doing for the first time in a long time?
This time, I would like to think about such an “off” lifestyle for adults.

Illustrator Tetsuro Ohno (tetsuro oh! No) who has a variety of hobbies focusing on sporty life such as road bikes and fishing. OCEANUS Trivia , previously featured in BLUE MOTIONSHe has also worked on illustrations for “” and the CD jacket of “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra”, which is familiar with OCEANUS. Prof. Ono, who often works in the room, how to switch off.
“I sometimes decide on a schedule in advance, and when I think of it, I load a road bike on a camper, head to the sea, mountains, etc., change clothes on the spot and go cycling. It may be the same feeling as going skiing. And, in order to heal a tired body, I set up a camp and drank a cup of coffee while having a campfire so I can enjoy fishing etc. By the work of an illustrator, I will draw illustrations, so there are various I need a picture of the situation, but this series of actions is naturally the work of the input, and it also helps the scene that is required in the work. I think that is an early one. ”
As an off, it is ideal not only to enjoy the hobby but also to put it to work after returning to the on.

I’m going to be smart and enjoyable, with a style that suits my switching on and off. In other words, your own time may be “time to look back at yourself”. With OCEANUS which keeps on the side to find new oneself, how about going forward to the next holiday, one step ahead?

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