Casio Computer announced the new model “OCW – S4000C” from the premium line “OCEANUS Manta (Oshianas Manta)” of radio wave solar metal watch “OCEANUS” on May 16. It is released on June 8, with tax exclusion price of 200,000 yen, world limit of 1,500.

OCW – S4000C globally announced in accordance with the watch and decoration festival “BASELWORLD 2018” held in Basle, Switzerland in March 2018. The release and timing in Japan, the price was undecided, but it was officially announced.

The biggest feature is that Japanese traditional craft “Edo Kiriko” was used for sapphire bezel. Edo Kiriko is a technique that scratches the surface of glass and draws beautiful patterns. This time, Edo Kiriko craftsman “Horiguchi Kiriko”, Mr. Toru Horiguchi three generations served as creator and supervisor.

The sapphire bezel of the OCW – S4000C is subjected to precise cutting manually. While inscribing a thin striped pattern “Senjuji”, it represented the “dawn of the rising sun rising in the morning sun” at the top and bottom of the bezel.

Built-in “Connected engine” in the watch body. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and accesses the time server on the Internet via the smartphone. From there, accurate time and daylight saving time information is acquired all over the world and reflected in OCW – S4000C. With the smartphone app “OCEANUS Connected” you can easily set the world time on the smart screen.