On 22 March (local time), a festival of watches & jewelry “BASELWORLD 2018” began in Basel, Switzerland. Casio Computer, which holds a big booth at the hall, also released a number of new watches.

Especially, the special model to be shown at BASELWORLD is an annual and annual feature. This year G – SHOCK MR – G Special and OCEANUS Special appeared. Here, let’s introduce the real machine picture of the OCEANUS special “OCW – S4000S” held by the local Casio booth (click on the thumbnail to enlarge it). OCW-S4000S is a scarce model of only 150 worldwide, sales and prices in Japan are undecided in Japan.

The most important feature of OCW – S4000S is sapphire bezel. Not only has the impression changed with OCEANUS so far, it is processing the sapphire bezel of OCEANUS Blue by Japanese traditional technique “Edo Kiriko” which lasted about 180 years ago. Mr. Toru Horiguchi Mr. Toru Horiguchi was involved in the production and supervision from the craftsman group “Horiguchi Kiko” who inherited the tradition of Edo Kiriko.

Sapphire bezel expresses deep OCEANUS Blue by depositing multiple colors in several layers. And, because it has a high hardness, sapphire which is difficult to process, we made precise cutting. The sapphire bezel made in this way emits a very beautiful and delicate sparkle.

Even this alone is a beauty that is overshadowed, the further highlight is that the expression differs between the upper half and the lower half of the sapphire bezel. In the upper half, I cut a thin striped pattern “Senjuji” (this is also a traditional Japanese pattern), the lower half is multifaceted. This bezel expresses fireworks in Tokyo. The overall theme of the OCW – S4000S was to merge the traditional technique called Edo Kiriko with the leading technology of OCEANUS, while imagining the Tokyo with history and tradition in urban style.

In this photograph, we emphasize Sapphire bezel’s thousand muscle, so we are making the sapphire bezel base color stand out in the upper half. Thousands muscles are black, but the thousand muscles engraved in deep blue will change their presence depending on the angle of light and the viewing angle. If you see it in the shop, please take it in hand and see from various angles.