Finally, we will introduce “OCW – S3400 – 1 AJF” and “OCW – S340 – 1 AJF” which became the base model of the aforementioned 2 type. Although it is a conservative model that seems to be Ossianas, it is clear that the brand-like assertion is clear. The reference price is 180,000 yen for OCW – S3400 – 1 AJF and 160,000 yen for OCW – S340 – 1 AJF.


Beautifully shining orthodox Oceanus blue and black city code ring …… It is an adult ‘s ring ring playing in the “city of the night of the city”. The sparkling index on the jet black dial gently rises on the curved surface, while the edge is sharp as if sharpened. Between lines of that intonation, I feel even the contrast of relaxation and tension that time comes with.

At 12 o’clock of the Roman index, it is clear that it is a clock, and at the same time it seems as if the carriage returns to the pumpkin each time the hand approaches (It is not Casio’s official opinion). The dial of OCEANUS Manta has plenty of drama of such time. The size etc. of the base model are as follows.









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