Odagiri Joe analyzes him / herself that “when you are not doing a job you are sloppy.” “Whether it can be done properly only when playing … … because the emotions do not move much in everyday life, I think that it is more human being when I am playing,” he usually talks about thin reactions It seems that there are many cases where it is often said that it is too lame or too loud. However, as you can see from the remark that “I think that it is well balanced only at the time of work,” when looking at a real person, I will thoroughly examine the person’s background and the historical background. “Because the actor has only that,” he continues as he humbles. From the absurd words saying, “If you actually are playing a person who actually lives, your lives may live, so prepare rigidly so that it will not be rude.” From the stagnant words, the attitude of immersing himself in a play not related to loneliness I felt it.