New Manta ” OCW-S5000 ” will be released tomorrow on June 7th”. Over two times at BLUE MOTIONS, this “OCW-S5000” is featured. Last time Vol.1Introduced the advanced technology that realized the thinning, but this time the developer talks about the fine finish, thin beautiful form, and elegant design that are indispensable for Manta, the “most elegant OCEANUS” I would like to dig deeper while exchanging

The OCW-S5000, boasting the thinnest ever (*) in the series , has a 9.5 mm thickness due to new board mounting technology, improvements in parts and structure, and a time correction function with a smartphone link using Bluetooth®. We realize slim case.
“At the time of planning guidance from the product planning department, I was surprised at the fact that the target figure for the product thickness has already been decided, and I felt the obsession with the thinness (exterior development department).
“I was motivated to create a new design that can only be done thinly (design planning department).”
“I decided to make a product that pursues the slim elegance of Manta, a symbol of OCEANUS, at the milestone of 15 years (Product Planning Department).”
The thoughts of each department come together and pursue thinness. Functional beauty created by innovative technology and refined design. It is a model that embodies OCEANUS, the 15th year of evolution.

The “OCW-S5000″ series to be released this time is a simple and stylish silver bezel with blue that stands out as a regular version. ” OCW-S5000-1AJF” Ocw-S5000E-1AJF ,” a high quality and elegant black bezel with DLC processing that is superior in abrasion resistance] Lineup 2 models that. Both adopt the polygon bezel which is cut to the unique 16 face of Manta. By managing the city information on the smartphone side and writing the city code on the bezel, high visibility is ensured with a clean face design.