When you live by yourself for a long time, you may want to take care of something other than yourself. For example, I bought a cut flower and decorate it in my room. Every day change the water of the vase, drain it, take care of the dead leaves. For example, raising a foliage plant. Take care by doing water and fertilizer, rearranging it.

And the most courageous thing is to greet creatures as family members. If you swear that you live happily with one life, swear to take care of yourself carefully for the rest of your life, if you keep a parrot, every mindful day will surely be waiting there. The heart is healed by a lovely appearance, and it is made to communicate by talking to you and gently stroking it. If such existence always waited in the room, I would like to go home early as I watch the wrist watch as many times as I can. Swarovski Crystal appears as an unbelievable pupil to the color of the beautiful feathers of the parakeettes of the dial’s dial.

Every day every day, watching the condition of a small body, feed it and adjust the temperature of the room. Clean the dirty basket with food and excrement cleanly. I will take him to the hospital as soon as I feel sick. Every one of such hardships makes me feel love. I will be able to meet such new self.

Regardless of rainy days and wind days, whether hot summer, cold winter, no matter how depressed, though we are in poor condition, once you have taken the life of someone else, you can not take good care of yourself. While taking care, they are rejoicing, joyful, sad, angry, worried … … repeating such movements of minds, each other becomes one and only existence.