Casio Computer announced the new product “OCW – S4000D” of Metal Watch “OCEANUS” on September 12. It is released on October 5, and it is 3,000 worldwide limited, with a tax price of 200,000 yen.

Oceanus is a radio wave solar watch that has the concept of “Elegance, Technology”. This time the OCW – S4000D is a new model of OCEANUS ‘s premium line “OCEANUS Manta (Oshianas Manta)”. Complete a bezel using “Edo Kiriko”, an innovation adopted in OCW – S4000C released in June, 2018 . Edo Kiriko is Japanese traditional craft that sculpts the surface of glass.

As with the OCW – S4000C, the OCW – S4000D bezel is also produced and supervised by Edo Kiriko craftworker “Horiguchi Kiko”, Mr. Toru Horiguchi 3rd School. The pale lapis color and black coloring are beautiful, and inside the bezel of Edo Kiriko, blue IP is given, expressing the sky of the whole evening in Tokyo.

Also, following the OCW – S4000C, it has a smartphone link function with Bluetooth. By using the smartphone application “OCEANUS Connected”, it is easy to use, such as obtaining accurate time and selecting the world time (about 300 cities) from the map on the application. Of course, it corresponds to the accurate time acquisition by the standard radio wave of 6 stations of the world.