Hirama Odori. For those who have heard that name, is this name recognized as a fashion photographer as a runaway existence? Also, do you know that existence as a photographer keeping taking a picture of a major record shop “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.” Or working with various musicians?
Mr. Hirahama who has been running as a top runner in the field of advertising and fashion in Japan since the 1980’s. It was in 2015 that he had set up a hall called “Hirama Photo Gallery TOKYO” and moved the subject to the public as well.

“As a commercial photo, people are taking photographs according to their intention, with art directors, editors, and clients behind models that are subjects, but the general public who takes pictures at the photo galleries, It is a big difference that it is also an appreciator.Although the basics of “taking people” does not change, there is something completely different from what the photographer is asking for and the relationship with the subject at that time. ”

And another, Mr. Hirama’s big change is that I started using a digital camera.
“I thought that the process itself of photographing analog photos and developing them and printing themselves was interesting, even perhaps even myself taking photography moments that only photographers know they are photographed, maybe they are There is something predictable that it will be thrilling and there are things that can not be abandoned by the attractiveness of analog shooting with film that you can enjoy various changes in the process of development and printing.On the contrary, I feel that it is more analogue, in other words I feel that it is possible to express smoothly, so I am now able to distinguish the goodness of each one among my shooting. ”

A photo exhibition that culminated with portraits at photo galleries taken with such digital cameras is currently being held in Tokyo Shinjuku.
“It is the title of” Hiramatsu Odori Museum of Photography Exposition. “I was born in the Hiramumi photo gallery where my grandfather opened to Miyagi · Shiogama, whose defiant mind was a picture using the early motor drive, I thought that it would be possible to leave the existence of each person in the photograph after the disaster, I opened the photo house in Tokyo.The picture exhibition as one break.The picture here is taken in the digital, it I am exhibiting it with a laser burning method to a silver salt print being used from the time of analog.It is a good point of analog feeling and digital technology. ”

Digital photographs that used to be too precise in the past were also able to express more deeply with technological advances and Mr. Hirama’s imagined pictures were born there.
“I felt this watch in the same way, I actually did not do a wrist watch for a long time, but I felt this OCEANUS was a watch that fitted me for the first time in a long while, I thought that the atmosphere that does not make digital feel while moving precisely on the back is just right for me. ”

A photographer named Hirama, who grew up in analog age called film, slid lightly to the digital era after knowing the goodness of analog. Even as a single author who loves music, loves people and loves photos, Mr. Hirama spun out the world and appeals to the viewer anywhere.
OCEANUS also holds the heart of digital, while informing the time with the face as an analog to the last, it keeps carving the era where it moves.
Pictures and time. While catching a moment, glimpse eternity in that moment. OCEANUS wishes to be such an existence.