Casio Computer’s Impact Watch “G-SHOCK” and Women’s “BABY-G” are carrying out the winter campaign 2017-2018. Popular brand winter goods such as BEAMS, Dearear, master-piece, X-LARGE & -X-girl are hit by lottery from purchasers of G-SHOCK and BABY-G. Contents include down jacket, food court, backpack, complete wireless Bluetooth earphone etc. The entry deadline is until 23 o’clock on January 15, 2018.

The target of the campaign is all models of G – SHOCK and BABY – G, but what I want to pay attention to at a couple is the classic winter, pair model “G PRESENTS LOVER’S COLLECTION” (G Presents Lovers Collection) , also known as “Rabacore”. In addition, a pair model that combines the popular series “G-STEEL” of G-SHOCK and “G-MS” which can be said to be an adult BABY-G, and furthermore the G-SHOCK + BABY-G “PRECIOUS HEART SELECTION” -2018 In winter , pair watches of G-SHOCK and BABY-G are rich.