Tokyo, January 23, 2019 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of new G-SHOCK and BABY-G shock-resistant watches. The new models have been produced in collaboration with WILDLIFE PROMISING, a certified non-profit organization tackling issues related to wildlife conservation and coexistence among wildlife and people in Africa. Casio will gradually roll out the three watches: the GG-1000WLP, GR-B100WLP and BA-255WLP.

Since the late-1990s, Casio has lent support to many environmental groups by producing collaborative G-SHOCK and BABY-G models under the theme of “Love the Sea and the Earth.” The partner for the new models, WILDLIFE PROMISING, seeks to create a better living environment for both wild animals and human beings. It carries out social action and conservation efforts based on academic research, including conservation ecology studies on wild leopards living in Africa. The planning for this collaboration was born from the appreciation Casio had for what WILDLIFE PROMISING is doing and the company’s desire to inform a wider range of people about that work.

The collaboration models, the GG-1000WLP, GR-B100WLP and BA-255WLP, are designed with motifs representing three wild species found in Africa: the leopard, the African fish eagle, and the lilac-breasted roller. The case back is engraved with the “Love the Sea and the Earth” symbol mark. Each watch comes in a specially designed package decorated with illustrations of its animal and livery featuring its colors.

Casio will continue supporting various environmental groups under the “Love the Sea and the Earth” concept by producing collaborative G-SHOCK and BABY-G models.