On April 10, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced a collaboration model “BAX-100 RX” with apparel brand “ROXY” as a new product of shock resistance watch “BABY-G” for women. Launched on June 7th, price excluding tax is 18,000 yen.

BABY-G will reach its 20th anniversary in 2019. Debuting in the same 1990s, ROXY is a brand for women who love lifestyles such as surf, beach and active. This time, with the desire to support the lifestyle of women, ROXY and BABY-G collaboration has been realized.

BABY-G “BAX-100” to be the base is a model of BABY-G’s sports line “G-LIDE”. It is characterized by its thinness and the ability to replace the band with a slide lever.

The collaboration model BAX-100 RX features the “ROXY” logo throughout the watch’s back band and bands. The color of the case “pink in pale shades” is unique, and the nylon band is a floral design that represents ROXY’s season. In addition, it includes a band for replacement of the same color as the case with a resin material. I was able to enjoy the coordination of the clock according to the scene.

The watch face is equipped with a tide graph (tidal chart) that is convenient for marine sports. You can see the tide of the set place graphically on the dial of the LCD. In addition, there is also a function to check the appearance of the current tide expected on an hourly basis with the time.