Tokyo, September 11, 2019 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of new additions to its G-SQUAD lineup of watches, which are part of the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches. G-SQUAD watches, designed for people who work out daily, are equipped with a step counter and interval timer. The new GMA-B800 is even more compact and comfortable to wear.

The GMA-B800 is equipped with functions useful for daily health management and workouts. It was created by downscaling the analog model GBA-800, popular for its simple one-tone color design, so that it can be worn by a wider range of people. Since the case width has been reduced by 3.4mm, down to 45.2mm, it is ideal for those who want a compact G-SHOCK design, or for someone who wants the other half of a “couple’s set” to pair with the GBA-800.

In addition to gray and yellow—which go well with athletic clothing styles and are two popular colors for the GBA-800—black and white options have been added, providing four color choices for the GMA-B800. The black and the white models are finished using eye-catching rose gold accents on the hands, index marks, and watchband.

As with previous models, a triple-axis accelerometer measures the number of steps the wearer takes per day, as well as the walking or running pace, and the step count is shown on the watch face. By linking the GMA-B800 to a smartphone via Bluetooth®, the user can check their daily steps and calories burned using a dedicated app: G-SHOCK Connected. In addition, the app supports daily health management by classifying exercise intensity into five levels, using the step count and walking / running pace data measured by the watch. The step count results are then broken down according to intensity level, and displayed on a graph.