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G-SHOCK and purveyor of hard – to – come by goods brand HUF announce the release of their collaborative time piece (GD400HUF-1) celebrating shared principles of rebellion from mainstream, perseverance and a passion for craftsmanship.


Year of Release: 2015
Collaboration Company: http://www.hufworldwide.com/

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-1

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-7

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-6

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-5

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-4

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-3

G-Shock GD-400HUF-1ER-2

To be continued…

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