G-cam Watch-Station is a boutique watch store on Pasteur (a.k.a Street 51) in the BKK1 district, about a block south from Burger King. Half the store is dedicated to G-Shock and Baby-G and it has a good selection of watches including several Mudmaster models and some recent G-STEEL models. It was also the only place in Phnom Penh where we spotted the Alife x G-Shock “stars and stripes” watch.

Overall the selection wasn’t as impressive as the other stores (not as many high-end watches) but it seems like you are more likely to find significant discounts here on recent models. Right now their G-STEEL watches and the blue and silver Gulfmaster are 20% off, along with some other models. The solar-powered G-STEEL GST-S100D models are $305.60 USD and the recent GA-100MM-8A Marble Camouflage model is on sale for $130.40 USD, which are close to the U.S. list prices. The great-looking GST-S110BD-1A2 with black IP and blue IP bezel is $416.80 which is lower than the U.S. list price. Check the G-Cam Facebook Page for the latest sales. It’s also worth mentioning that the service here was excellent and very welcoming.

G-cam also has a Baby-G watch for sale that is signed by Kikuo Ibe and includes a signed tin for $163 USD.

G-Shock WATCH Store IN BKK1-1

G-Shock WATCH Store IN BKK1-2