G-SHOCK has always been associated with tough watches that can stand up to literally anything, but with the MT-G line, G-SHOCK has allowed themselves to take a step into the luxury segment. The MTGB1000XBD-1 is an all new, premium G-SHOCK rendered in a sleek polished black finish. It incorporates a number of features that not only add to the watch’s durability, but enhance its appeal as a high-end, statement-making timepiece. The carbon layered bezel, for instance, not only provides additional shock-resistance, but it also keeps the watch light and wearable. Red accents throughout play off of the dark tones of the case and band, resulting in a modern and stylish look that is sure to be noticed. Like all G-SHOCKs in the MT-G line, the watch uses a combination of metal and resin in its construction that gives it a premium feel while ensuring it’s every bit as impervious to shock, moisture, and everything else life throws at it, as any other G-SHOCK.

In terms of pure functionality, the MTGB1000XBD-1 is at the top of the G-SHOCK food chain. Here you’ll find all the standard G-SHOCK features consumers expect: 200 meters of water resistance; a full auto calendar; the usual suite of timing features, including a stopwatch, countdown timer, and a world time option; as well as a Dual Dial Display and a Super Illuminator LED light. But the tech doesn’t stop there. Additionally, the MTGB1000XBD-1 is equipped with premium G-SHOCK features, including Bluetooth connectivity and Two Way Time Synch technology. Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to control many of the watch’s features directly from their smartphone, allowing for unmatched ease of use and convenience through the G-SHOCK Connected App. Two Way Time Synch technology allows the watch to connect to an atomic timekeeping signal anywhere in the world, ensuring that traveling with your G-SHOCK doesn’t mean skipping a beat in terms of timekeeping. The MTGB1000XBD-1 also includes Tough Solar technology, allowing it to be charged by light, never needing a battery.

This year, the MT-G series turns 20 years old. From the beginning, the line sought to bring something a little different to the G-SHOCK customer.

“MT-G’s brand concept comes from the fusion of metal and resin,” we were told by a G-SHOCK product specialist. “We have created new designs that unite shock resistance and beauty by combining fine resin, while taking advantage of the metal texture.”

This formula has proven to be successful over the past two decades, with consumers recognizing the MT-G series as a premium product that still carries the key components of G-SHOCK’s heritage.

Models in the MT-G family straddle the line between performance and luxury in a few key ways. First and foremost, nothing is lost in terms of robustness.

“MT-G is one of our premium lines so we dedicated extra effort to creating a new shock-resistant structure that includes special features such as a core guard structure that makes use of the characteristics of materials like metal and carbon,” explain the G-SHOCK team.

Quality is enhanced by a laser focus on key details, such as the finishing of the metal cases, the movement of the hands, and the improved visibility offered through the sapphire glass and LED light.